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Double Stroller Swap Rules Empty Double Stroller Swap Rules

Post  Admin on Sun May 24, 2009 11:23 pm

Basically, I'm copying & pasting everything from the DISboards BUT things will not work the same here. We WILL be allowing money to be exchanged because let's face it, these things cost money to maintain, replace, purchase, etc. BUT I would like to keep the cost to $10 or under for any swap/share. IF for some reason, you have an idea for a swap and the cost would be more, please contact me before posting the swap. I don't want people to get ripped off here. If anyone has a bad experience, let me know!!! Let's try to keep this positive and take care of the items being swapped... follow all rules set in place by your swap leaders! Thanks & enjoy!!!

Contact the Swap Leaders via PM or eMail to join.

Swap Leaders: Please do not bump your threads repeatedly or start new threads to advertise openings in your swap. You may put a link to your swap thread in your signature as a way to let others on other forums know about your swap but please do not start threads on other forums to advertise openings. Your cooperation is appreciated.

We will be allowing these swaps on the forum but no one is liable for any sort of problem(s) that may arise during any of the swaps. This is a risk you are taking and you must be fully aware that things MAY go wrong. This is simply a way to save money and hopefully, we can have these run as smoothly as they were running over on the other forum.

We suggest that the “organizer” of the Swap set up rules pertaining to that particular swap and see that everyone involved be informed of the rules and agree to them before participating in the Swap.
We suggest that these matters be addressed in a Stroller Swap Agreement:

* What will happen if the stroller is lost, stolen, damaged, etc? Who will be responsible? And what does that resposibility mean?
* How will an “absence” (someone not showing up to do the Swap) be handled?
* What will be the “disposal” of the stroller at the end of the Swap.
* And, any other matter that may arise with a Stroller Swap.

Again, we, this forum's moderator(s), will NOT be held liable for any problems pertaining to a Stroller Swap and can NOT be called in the case of ANY disputes regarding a Stroller Swap. It is up to the Swap Organizer to see that everyone involved in the Swap be aware of this fact and agree to it.

What is a stroller swap?
A stroller swap is a group of forum users who will be needing a stroller during their WDW vacation and would like to have one without paying Disney's high rental fee for a WDW stroller. A stroller is donated and passed from one vacationing DISer to the next on the list.

Each swap is organized differently, so it's important to get all the details from the individual swap organizer to familiarize yourself with the rules. Information on how to pick up your stroller and how to pass it to the next swapper should be provided by the swap leader.

Fees will be allowed here but they must be under the amount of $10 to keep things reasonable. The fee would be $10 for your entire trip (this is based on the median vacation time being one week). If you have a swap that you would like to organize and charge more than $10, please contact the moderator first! There may be a rare occasion where a triple stroller or something else could be swapped, in which case, I would understand the fee being higher. The donation of the stroller and any cleaning & maintenance supplies is the responsibility of the participants.

Do not start a new thread to ask if your dates are available without checking for available dates in the current swaps first. If your dates are not available, feel free to start a new swap and PM me with a link to your thread.

Keep in mind that someone has to step up to the plate and be the organizer for a swap or it just isn't going to happen. If you're hesitant to be the organizer, PM one of the current organizers to get advise from them on how to run one. It might not be as complicated as you think!

With luck, everyone looking for a stroller swap will be able to get into one.


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