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Late Nov - Mid December PhotoPass Share Empty Late Nov - Mid December PhotoPass Share

Post  carmie3377 on Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:29 pm

I am also a member of the Dis. I lead a photopass share last fall which ran very smoothly. I was planning on starting a new share but obviously that is no longer allowed on the Dis. A member of last fall's share and I are both going in Dec so we decided to start a new share. We thought we'd be doing the share alone but it looks like now we won't have to Very Happy

We are hoping to have 4 more members join our share. That way, we can keep our cost super low. Last year, I gave the members the option for USPS Priority Mail or Media Mail. Media Mail is obviously the cheaper of the 2 options but it can be extremely slow. I have had media mail take 4+ weeks for items to arrive. I saw on this board where another leader was offering to upload the photos to an online photo account. What a great idea! There are several options - photobucket, snapfish, shutterfly just to name a few. However, it would be your responsibility to copy to a CD in the event your account or photos were deleted. I personally have not had any photos deleted from these types of websites but I know things can happen.

The pre-order CD price is currently $99, which includes tax. Shipping is no longer included. The price is subject to change. However, there was a just a price increase of the CD but the pre-order price remained the same. Let's hope it stays that way!

Here are some time frame requirements implemented by the photo pass:
  • The pre-order code is valid for 60 days
    The photopass photos must be uploaded within 30 days of date photo was taken
    The CD must be ordered within 30 days the first photo was uploaded

So, as you can see, we must make sure everyone's dates are fairly close in order to get this share to work. My dates are Dec 1-5 and Dec 12-17. The other member's dates are Dec 15-22. If we can get everyone in between these dates with possibly a late Nov trip in there, we can make sure all the time frames are met.

Before pre-ordering the CD, I will create an account and email everyone our user name and password. This will be the ONLY photopass account you can upload to. If you choose to do a photopass share, any photopass share as this is a photopass rule, you CAN NOT upload your photopass photos to your own account or in the kiosks at the parks. If you do so, you will not be allowed to enter the photos on our account. The Photopass rule is one upload per card and no more. If you do upload to your own account or kiosk, you will NOT be entitled to a refund out of fairness to all other members involved. SO PLEASE REMEMBER! Be patient and wait to upload to our account.

Like I stated earlier, last year's share went very smooth. Each member had a dedicated time frame (I believe it was 4 days) to enter and edit their photos. Then, there were a final few days where everyone could edit. The dedicated days were great for 2 reasons: 1) I knew where each members photos were. Made it extremely easy for distributing ONLY your photos to you. Even if you choose the CD option, only your photos will be on your CD. 2) Each member knew that with dedicated time, they wouldn't have to worry about the website getting slow for having too many members logged into the account at the same time. Of course, that could happen in the end, but everyone would still have a few days for their own upload and edit.

Once we get everyone's dates, I can set a date to pre-order, upload dates, and final order date.

Cost information. Again, the pre-order price is $99. Shipping is no longer included. According to shipping is approx $7. So for six people, the cost would be $17.67 (uploaded to photo software), $22.05 (media mail including shipping, shipping supplies, CD/jewel case), or $23.62 (USPS priority mail including CD/jewel case cost). Paypal fees will be charged if paying by credit or debit card. I will not be making a profit for time or supplies but I must include all fees/cost of supplies incurred by me.

Once paid, no refunds are promised in the event you decide not to use Disney's Photopass or your trip is canceled or postponed to dates that will not work with our share. If we can find a replacement, you will be refunded but again that is not a guarantee. Shipping charges for your individual CD (if that option is chosen) will be refunded if you don't participate because that is a cost not shared by other group members and is a cost that occurs only if your CD is mailed.

You can have as many photopass cards as you'd like. There is not a limit to the number of cards that can be uploaded or the number of photos per account. Just a tip - write down your photopass card number(s) in the invent a card is lost. That way, you can still retrieve your photos assuming no one else found and uploaded that number to their account

OH, one last photopass share rule - YOU MUST BE OKAY WITH OTHER PEOPLE SEEING YOUR FAMILY'S PHOTOS. Only the members of our share will be able to see them but that will be a few other families. The way I look at it is I am sure that I am in thousands of WDW photos that I am unaware of. If you feel uncomfortable with others being able to see your family's photos, it is best to not join a share.

Okay, I think that's it! Let me know if you are interested! A lot of great photopass information can be found at

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Late Nov - Mid December PhotoPass Share Empty Re: Late Nov - Mid December PhotoPass Share

Post  carmie3377 on Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:30 pm

Confirmed members
j.m. Dec 3-9
m.y. Dec 9-16
c.k. (me) Dec 1-5 and Dec 12-17
p.s. - Dec 12-20
j.c. - Dec 15-22


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